Marital Labyrinth Series

Will and Jada smith have announced they have an open marriage

How Long Can an Open Marriage Remain Open Before the Marriage Falls Apart?

In this third article of the Marital Labyrinth series, published simultaneously at Psychology Today, we look at the realities of an open marriage. You can view all articles on the series page. Thanks to Will and Jada Smith, there’s been an increased discussion in the media about open marriages. I’ve been asked to wade in on this subject. This is an unexpected but relevant detour from the Marital Labyrinth

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A married couple consider the impact of a marital affair

Could a Marital Affair Happen to You?

In this second article of the Marital Labyrinth series, published simultaneously at Psychology Today, we ask whether a marital affair could happen to you? You can view all articles on the series page. The Cracks that Lead to a marital affair A marital crisis doesn’t erupt without warning, nor does it explode without a context.  A violent, seismic fracture such as an affair may be

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Dr. Michael Tobin has been a psychologist for forty-seven years specializing in couple and family therapy. He co-founded a theater company that performed vignettes on family and marital issues, which he co-wrote. These plays were performed over 100 times. He is the co-founder of, an award winning website that focuses on how to solve typical marital and family challenges.