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How To Be Positive when Circumstances Aren’t: Ten Truths

I’m seventy-four. Until seventy-two, I ran, climbed, and competed. At seventy-one—because I could—I did twenty-five, one-handed pushups at the Everest Base Camp. My body and I were best friends.  Until it quit while trekking in Scotland. It started with a sudden loss of balance, morphed into left-sided weakness, and ended with partial paralysis. The cause: five fused disks in my neck that like a seismic crack were waiting silently for their moment.  Two years later, after

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What Is a Soulmate—and How to Know if You’ve Found Yours

This article was originally published at The idea of meeting your soulmate is the glorious stuff of rom-coms—and apparently real-life, everyday people, too. “It’s the realization that this person who shares your life is a part of yourself,” says family and marital psychologist Dr. Michael Tobin. “A soulmate is an individual that has a lasting impact on your life.” MEET THE EXPERT Dr. Michael Tobin

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5 Things You Need To Heal After a Dramatic Loss Or Life Change

This article was originally published at Authority Magazine. Anger is never a sustainable path to success. Yet, it may be the right fuel you need for that initial thrust to blast you through the gravity of negative resistance. My anger and aggression — my battle to prove my father wrong — brought me to a place where I could finally say, “I’m okay. I’m not

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What’s love?

Perhaps the three most difficult English words to string together and actually mean are: “I love you.”              It’s not our fault. We’ve been brainwashed. Most of us are clueless about what love is, how love is supposed to feel, and what we’re supposed to do with it once the love bug has started messing with our DNA.   To understand authentic love the first thing we need

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It’s Never Too Late

I’m pushing 72; I’ve spent over 40 years as a clinical psychologist, traveling the rocky, existential highways of dilemma, doubt, and despair, interspersed with profound moments of transformation, depth, and forgiveness. I was built for this, or more precisely, I was prepared for this – at 12, I was hypnotically directing my parents toward a blissful marriage, and, at 16, I was an up-and-coming teenage

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The Ageless Style of Being Yourself

Dorrie Jacobson is my kind of Premium, an 83-year-old, sexy grandma, model, and Instagram style guru with a take-no-prisoners attitude. Dressed in tight orange pants with matching blouse, stilettos, and nails, and carrying a fiery yellow bag, our Octogenarian style Queen just doesn’t give a s**t. “This business of being age appropriate is ridiculous. Get out there and break the rules.” Yeah, Dorrie! Dorrie, you’re my girl, my

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Creating a Positive Senior Mindset Part 2

Creating a Premium Mindset Part II Around 5:30 this morning, I was awakened by volcanic disturbances erupting from the region of my lower intestines. “Of course, this must be cancer,” I thought, quickly ruling out the more logical possibility that those annoying rumblings might have more to do with a half pound of sharp cheddar colliding with a somewhat lactose-intolerant, digestive system. But then again, how could it

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Creating a Positive Senior Mindset Part 1

Who hasn’t heard the expression, “Age is a state of mind?” Part I Come on, is it really? Can I just pick any number younger than I am and say to myself, “I’m not 72, I’m 52,” and bingo, I start producing all sorts of happy and youthful hormones like endorphins, oxytocin, dopamine, and serotonin. Wow, wouldn’t that be great? I’d be able to run a mile

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The Art of Senior Happiness

Premium: An active, curious, exceptionally young-at-heart person over 60 who is into style, ideas, and cultivates innovation and Personal evolution at all levels. Forgive me, but I have to start with some assumptions about you. I do this  despite a stern warning I received as a young army recruit in the summer of 1966 that “assumptions are the mother of all f**k ups.” So, bear with me and let’s

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Senior Fitness

Premium Fitness:“It’s All in the Mind, my Friend. It’s All in the Mind” At 14,000 feet (4250 meters), we’re six climbers from five different countries, clustered around a stove, barely burning yak dung. We’re talking trash, telling tall tales, and whining about the shortage of yak shit – proving that these three words, “misery loves company” contain more practical sense than the sum total of all the inexplicable,

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Dr. Michael Tobin has been a psychologist for forty-seven years specializing in couple and family therapy. He co-founded a theater company that performed vignettes on family and marital issues, which he co-wrote. These plays were performed over 100 times. He is the co-founder of, an award winning website that focuses on how to solve typical marital and family challenges.